Muscle Testing


Muscle testing is used to access the internal computer of the body or the subconscious mind  if you will.  It is also known as kinesthetic testing or simply as kinesiology.  According to Dr.  Bradly Nelson, doctors have been using muscle testing since the 1940’s to evaluate muscle strength and assess the extent of an injury.  Today physicians and others who specialize in the mechanics of body movement know that muscle testing has may more applications than doctors first believed.

There is no doubt that our bodies are complex computers, what most people don’t realize is that our bodies also hold the key to literally every question we may have about ourselves.   Muscle testing is a non invasive, painless way to get answers from your body about literally anything regarding your bodies state of health.

There are numerous ways to muscle test, most commonly and if the client is able, I use the “sway test”.  It is as simple as standing in a relaxed position with both arms at your sides, clear your mind and ask yourself a question that you know to be true or false.  Your name is always a safe bet.   Allow your body to answer the yes or no question by swaying forwards or backwards.  Forward means yes and backwards means no.   For instance, if I were to stand, arms at my side and say, “my name is Meg” my body would sway forward, this means “yes” my name is Meg.  If I were to say my name is Bob, my body would sway backwards because my name is not Bob.  Don’t allow yourself to sway to the extent of falling forward or backward!

Commonly people are unable to sway, this may be caused by dehydration or possibly a cervical vertebrae out of alignment.  In the first case we will have you drink some water to hydrate. If there is a suspected vertebrae out of alignment often this can be corrected by running the magnet over the governing meridian (your back).  If the client is unable to sway for any reason there are other muscle testing avenues in which we can pursue.