Available Services and Pricing

Individual sessions

I am available for individual sessions with clients at my office at 229 N. Main Street in Gordon, Nebraska by appointment only. I also offer remote sessions for those who prefer to not meet physically. This session is done over the phone, skype or  facetime.  Following the session the client recieves a report of the session results via e-mail.

Depending on the client needs, I use a combination of different energetic modalities, usually Emotion Code/Body Code, EFT and Healing Touch.  All sessions include a assessment of what your needs are and finding out specifficaly what you want to work on.  I not only do a personalized energy session with you , I also like to teach some energy techniques for you to learn so you can continue your healing journey at home. 

Emotion Code/Body Code

Emotion Code/Body Code is an amazing energetic modality which through muscle testing allows us to easily identify and correct the different imbalances and any trapped emotional energy (think emotional baggage), that lead to all kinds of emotional and physical problems for people. We also check for imbalances in a person’s organs and glands, assess structural function and nutritional problems as well as address any toxicity’s that may be present.  Basically, this work is all about removing imbalance in order to make conditions right  for the body to heal itself.  Also, by balancing the energy body many times the  immune funtion is boosted.

Heart wall Clearing

A heart wall is a protective “wall” that your subconscious can put around your heart as a protective mechanism.  It can develop with any intense heartache situation or emotional trauma from the past.  It can prevent you from receiving and giving love freely.  It can be a block to have loving relationships and prevent you from moving forward in many other ways.  According to Dr.  Bradley Nelson, over 80% if of people have heartwalls.  Using the subconscious mind and muscle testing these heart walls are identified and then released.  Most often people feel a noticeable change in there emotional state, like feeling happier and more content in their relationships and in life.


Healing Touch is a complementray non-invasive theraeutic modality used to faciliate healing and restroration of the body by bring the physical , emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the individual into balance.  The goal of Healing Touch is to restore balance and harmony to the energy system, placing the client in a position to self heal. 


EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique, is a wondeful energetic tool that you can use on yourself that helps with many issues such as anxiety, anger, pain, fear, phobia’s, weight loss, sorrow, trauma, physical problems and many other stresses in life. once learned, you have have a very valuable tool literally at your fingertips.

Session Pricing And Packages

*First session requires a minimum of  75-90 minutes.  $85.00


  • 30 minute session -$46.00
  • 45 minute session – $58.00
  • 60 minute session – $75.00


3-1 hour sessions – 10% off

60 min – $202.00


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